‘The facilitator doesn’t need to steer the ship, just be the lighthouse.’

Nellie - Manager

Nellie – Manager

Nellie Garthwaite – Manager

Nellie is the Manager of the programme region wide. She enjoys meeting the people who come into the programme. Each day is a new day with rewards, challenges to be met and great people all enhancing the changing and collaborative environment in which we do business.

Nellie is involved in the wider community in many ways. Since starting in the position in 1996 the programme has grown many times over.

Averil - Community Coordinator

Averil – Community Coordinator

Averil Mawdsley – Community Co-ordinator

Averil has been with programme since 1997. She started as the office assistant and because of her experience is now the Community Coordinator.

She meets, assesses, and matches students with tutors and ensures a good learning environment for all. She enjoys the challenges of the changing environment in which we work.

Lilian- Finance Admin

Lilian – Finance Admin

Lilian Spriggs – Finance Administrator

Lilian looks after the money. She pays the bills, pays the staff and keeps the paper work in logical order and accounted for.

She has been with the programme four years. Lilian enjoys being involved in many community organisations.

Vanessa - Admin assistant

Vanessa – Admin Assistant

Vanessa Broad – Administration Assistant

Areas of responsibility are database, newsletter, social media.

Vanessa has been with the programme since the 1990s and still has student’s that she tutors today.


We have 50 tutors region wide. They are a diverse, and community focused group who enjoy the work that they do and are constantly rising to the challenge of learning something new. E.g the retired lady learning about motors and how they function through tutoring a MITO apprentice, or the intricacies of plumbing or aluminum windows, Pet care, elderly caregiving and much, much more.

The adaptably and innovative practices they employ to assist their students is amazing and very much appreciated by all.